Client Services

Thanks for stopping by. My methodology is rooted in financial counseling and planning but is driven by psychological theory. I use a solution-focused financial approach to help clients with a variety of financial concerns, including financial concepts and relationships with money (see below). I do not offer or provide investment advice or management, sell any type of financial product, or recommend any specific product or service. Instead, I focus on habits and behavior change and help clients recognize and reflect on various ideology, thought patterns, and behaviors surrounding money.

My model is built on a short-term basis with clients typically seeing results within 3 to 6 sessions (excluding the initial intake session). Sessions are set up to discuss topics of interest to the client; therefore, every session is different, but always customized to the client and the direction the client wants to go. The intake session is 90 minutes, while ongoing sessions can be as short as 60 minutes (or as otherwise agreed upon). Typically, clients like to space out their sessions in 2 to 4 week increments to allow for time to complete the action plan. I offer many ways to connect that will best meet your needs: in-person, telephone, or video conferencing options.

Common Client Topics I Offer Services For:

  • Communication about money
  • Approaches to money and what money means to you
  • Creating a budget and/or spending plan
  • Understanding credit
  • Getting rid of debt
  • Education planning and paying down student loan debt
  • Planning for major purchases, such as a house or a car
  • Education on retirement, investments, insurance, and estate planning
  • Financial matters when a loved one dies

Client Topics I Do NOT Offer Services For:

  • Investment advice
  • Legal advice
  • Tax or accounting advice
  • Product sales or loans
  • Insurance advice or products
  • Debt consolidation products
  • Mental health counseling

Note: I recommend you find a credentialed, competent, and honest financial professional to help you with these needs. See the resources page for more information.


I am a fee-only firm with flat fees. This means I do not make any money off selling you products, and I am committed to working in the best interests of my clients. I also do not have a minimum or maximum asset or income requirement to become a client.

My current rates are:
First session (90 minutes) = $250
Ongoing sessions (60 minutes) = $200

Additional time is billed in 30 minute increments at $50 per increment.

Missed sessions or cancellations not made at least 24 hours in advance are billed at the full rate. (Please read the cancellation policy thoroughly before signing the agreement).


Working with Mary and SBS changed my entire perception and relationship with money and personal finances. When I first met with Mary I felt shame and anxiety about how I had handled my finances and whether or not I was capable of figuring out how to tackle debt, and other financial goals. Mary put me at ease and never made me feel small or “stupid” because of the mistakes I had made managing my money. Mary is a subject matter expert who uses the latest resources and programs to help develop a process for becoming financially healthy.


Working with Dr. Mary Bell Carlson helped me to realize what assets I had and where I needed to focus my attention to achieve my goal to become debt free. She has given me many great financial tips which I continue to use today.


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