Dr. Mary Bell Carlson, PhD, CFP®, AFC®
Financial Behavior Expert

The psychological side of financial planning


My name is Dr. Mary Bell Carlson. I am a solution-focused financial behavior expert who assists clients in bringing holistic solutions to their lives and practices. My financial sessions and solutions are rooted in theories from psychology and therapy. I consult and speak on a wide range of topics and specialize in financial behavior change.

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Dr. Mary Bell Carlson, PhD, CFP®, AFC®
Financial Behavior Expert


Everyone wants to tell you how to spend your money; I am more interested in helping you communicate about money and create an action plan.

Money and emotions go hand in hand, and often there is a lack of communication or understanding of how it really affects us individually and collectively. I focus on the emotional side of money; I do not believe there is a one size that fits all type solution, but instead, I use theory from psychology and therapy to help make lasting financial behavior change.

My Mission:

To empower individuals and families to make positive financial behaviors and decisions that enrich and enhance their life


Client Services

Meet with me one-on-one

Focusing on habits and behavior changes, I work with clients to understand, analyze, and correct financial behavior concerns. Together, we’ll customize an action plan that works for you in your own specific circumstances.

Consulting Services

Get help for your organization

As a consultant, I combine proven processes and practical experiences to give my clients real impact and results. Whether your project is big or small, learn how my expert advice can help your organization.

Speaking Services

Speeches and panel discussions

As a leading expert in financial planning psychology, I offer a unique perspective into financial behaviors that few others can provide. From local organizations to large national conferences, I’ve spoken all over the country.

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